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Version 2.0
US $300, UK £175 – single user license – online fulfillment
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Enzyme Kinetics and Curve Fitting
EnzFitter screenshot
EnzFitter is a generic curve-fitting package which has custom features designed to make it especially suitable for analysis of enzyme kinetics experiments. For example, initial rate and parameter values can be obtained with their confidence limits for single and twin substrate rate data. Built-in models include Michaelis-Menten with or without substrate inhibition, competitive, uncompetitive and mixed inhibition, ternary complex or ordered bi-bi systems and ping-pong with and without inhibition by substrates. You can easily add other models in conventional algebraic syntax.

Data import formats include EnzFitter for DOS files as well as ASCII delimited, dBase, FoxPro, Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 123, Paradox and Symphony. File and dataset sizes are limited only by available memory and multiple data sets can be created for each file. There are advanced data editing facilities including: insert/edit/remove points, copy and move blocks of data and edit column titles. Missing data and replicates are catered for. Descriptive statistics of the data can be displayed and exported. The worksheet is customizable (e.g. font, colors, borders, row height and column width) and when data are printed they can be given custom headers or footers. You can insert new columns or rows at any time. Many data transforms are supplied or you can create your own equations for transforms. You can create templates for data formats you use frequently which, combined with graph templates virtually automate routine assays.

Multiple curve fits can be performed for any data set using either the Marquardt or Simplex algorithms. Optionally, data can be weighted robustly, statistically, proportionally or with explicit values. A genetic algorithm generates excellent initial parameter estimates but parameters can be constrained to a range of values or fixed when necessary. The results are presented in tabular and graphic form and can be saved to disk, printed or exported to other programs. Export formats include, for graphs, Bitmaps, Metafiles, JPG or TIF and, for numeric results, ASCII delimited and Excel. Graphs of raw and fitted data can be plotted and, to distinguish datasets, you can select a variety of symbols, semi-continuous lines and also add labels. Subsidiary graphs of extra sets of data, residuals and transformed /derivative plots of the same data can be inset on the main graph.

EnzFitter can be set up to run in batch mode (performing several analyses automatically, without user intervention) and it also supports OLE Automation. For more general assay use, you can calculate unknowns from fitted standard curves. You can create text Notes that are attached to any file, dataset or curve fit. There is also an automatic Logbook which records all changes made to a given file.

Single user license US $300/ UK £175
5 user license US $900/ UK £525
10 user license US $1500/UK £875

The above prices are for online fulfillment only and include user manual as .pdf

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