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Version 2
US $300, UK £175 – single user license – online fulfillment
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Dose-Effect Analyzer for Single and Multiple Drugs
CalcuSyn screenshot
CalcuSyn Version 2.0 is the definitive analyzer of combined drug effects, able automatically to quantify phenomena such as synergism and inhibition. Mixed drug treatment is becoming common in the treatment of cancer, AIDS etc, and CalcuSyn is the most widely used software for establishing efficacy in this field. It performs multiple drug dose-effect calculations using the Median Effect methods described by T-C Chou and P. Talalay (Trends Pharmacol. Sci. 4, 450-454).

CalcuSyn can easily be integrated with other software. Data can be entered via the keyboard or file import either into the grid or directly into the analysis engine. When the grid is used, data can be processed through wizards which make the software easily accessible to new users.

Data can be processed both for individual drugs and for constant-ratio or non-constant-ratio combinations of drugs. CalcuSyn automatically graphs the data and produces reports giving summary statistics on all drugs plus detailed analysis of drug interactions including the Combination Index and EDx (for any value of x). Estimates of accuracy of EDx and CI can be calculated with Monte Carlo simulations or by a highly accurate algebraic estimation algorithm. The plots drawn by CalcuSyn include dose-effect, median-effect, isobolograms and CI-effect. All data and results are easily accessible by mouse-click on the contents tree.

CalcuSyn Version 2.0 has Undo and Redo tools. There are flexible arrangements for printing of results and graphs and their export to spreadsheets, wordprocessors, graphics packages etc. A comprehensive manual is supplied as .pdf with the software and there is a detailed Help file. These give a thorough account of the theoretical basis of the analysis methods including the statistical treatment of results. Already used in hundreds of academic labs and pharmaceutical companies, CalcuSyn is indispensable for the study of drug mixtures.

Single user license US $300/ UK £175
5 user license US $900/ UK £525
10 user license US $1500/UK £875

The above prices are for online fulfillment only and include user manual as .pdf

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