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Version 3.0
US $300, UK £175 – single user license – online fulfillment
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System for Analyzing RIAs, ELISAs, IRMAs and Other Assays
AssayZap screenshot "AssayZap is a very valuable piece of software. It is a pleasure to operate it." Biochemical Education

"AssayZap is a highly usable and very sophisticated piece of software." Laboratory Practice

AssayZap is a universal assay calculator for RIA, ELISA, IRMA, colorimetric or any other type of assay. Counts of up to 2^31 can be handled. Standard curves can be fitted by 2-parameter, 4-parameter or 4-parameter weighted fit, or by the unique interactive manual fit which permits all standard curves to be fitted, whatever their shape. Assays may include up to 2000 tubes and up to four standard curves, each of which can incorporate up to 24 values. Assay drift can be compensated by interpolation of results between standard curves.

AssayZap can maintain a historical record for each assay, and enable the current standard curve and QCs to be compared with this and adjusted if necessary. AssayZap can process data from 96 and 384-well plate readers in any order: so assays can be set up to your own design.

AssayZap includes communications routines permitting the computer to upload data directly from any instrument with a R232 or R422 interface. Translation commands are already incorporated for many LKB, Packard, Nuclear Enterprises, Titertek, Dynatech, Rack, Clinigamma, Multigamma, Gammamaster, Delfia, Labtek, Digitech, Wallac, Tracor, Bio-Tek and Biorad instruments. AssayZap also enables you to add additional translation commands to suit your machine if it is not currently supported. AssayZap can send a command to a plate reader or other instrument to initialize it and start an experiment. There is also a command-line system which allows AssayZap to be run from programs which you are writing yourself. Equipment manufacturers or IT specialists can thus integrate AssayZap fully into their own systems.

Data can also be keyed in manually. Graphs can be saved as BMP or WMF files in Windows and results are in text format which can be pasted or imported to other programs. There is now a facility to automatically print out the results from each analysis when it is finished.

Single user license US $300/ UK £175
5 user license US $900/ UK £525
10 user license US $1500/UK £875

The above prices are for online fulfillment only and include user manual as .pdf

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